OptTek Systems has been invited to present its unique production scheduling optimization solution, OptPro™, at the 2019 Food Automation and Manufacturing Conference.

The conference, which will take place in Miami in April 2019, gathers more than 250 participants from a diverse set of food manufacturing companies worldwide. Participating companies vary from the largest to the most innovative.

OptTek has been invited to give a special talk about optimized production scheduling in complex manufacturing environments, an innovative technological advancement that goes hand-in-hand with the Smart Factory trends within Industry 4.0 automation. By optimizing their production schedules, companies can maximize the efficiency of their manufacturing operations and minimize operational costs – a direct boost to their bottom line.

OptPro, an OptTek product, is a sophisticated production scheduling solution that enables optimal decision-making based on powerful algorithmic and analytical techniques.
More information is available at www.opttek.com/optpro.