What Makes Us Unique?

About OptTek

What makes OptTek unique?


Our mastery of advanced problem-solving and analytical techniques

We are able to solve the most complex challenges and optimize highly complex systems thanks to our expertise and extensive experience in powerful techniques such as simulation modeling, statistical analysis, metaheuristics optimization, evolutionary algorithms, and tabu search and scatter search, among others. We solve challenges that are beyond most traditional tools and approaches.

We solve a wide range of complex challenges

Whether our clients face strategic, process or workforce-related challenges, OptTek’s powerful problem-solving and analytical techniques deliver the most reliable insights and outcomes—even when these challenges have many competing objectives. We’re able to balance all of these objectives to present the best possible solutions.

Our world-class expertise in optimization

That means we help clients arrive at the best possible solutions whether they want to configure a complex system more effectively, make better data-driven decisions or improve the results of their simulation modeling, even when we’re working with limited or imperfect information.

We’re experts in software development

We’ve developed software solutions for commercial and non-commercial applications since 1992.

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OptTek has built a team that draws on expertise from internationally recognized leaders in the area of optimization. If you are interested in joining our team of innovators, contact us.

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