Custom Optimization R&D

Government Solutions

OptTek is a small business with an extensive track record applying optimization to complex models for government customers through the use of custom mathematical programming and metaheuristic search techniques. OptTek has the right combination of people and skills to not only conceptualize novel and efficient solutions to complex problems, but also the experienced software engineers to reduce these ideas to practice and deploy production code embodying these ideas. Our office is filled with people with graduate degrees who relish new and complex challenges and who have a track record of solving them for over twenty years.

We have completed many projects over the years using a variety of optimization and analytics techniques, and have deployed them across many hardware and technology platforms including:

If you are looking for a firm to provide solutions to complex problems using optimization, simulation, or analytics please contact us. We are excited to learn about the problem you are trying to solve and explore with you whether our team would be a good match.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions or request a demonstration of our software, please contact us.

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