State-of-the-art solution for solving complex production scheduling problems

OptPro is a sophisticated production scheduling solution that utilizes OptQuest, our proprietary simulation optimization engine, at its core. OptPro goes well beyond other “rule-based” scheduling offers to enable optimal decision making based on powerful algorithmic and analytical techniques.  Recently developed by the team of PhD scientists at OptTek, OptPro meets a growing need at companies with complex planning and design and/or operational process scheduling requirements.

What is OptPro?

A toolkit from which our world-class analysts build custom process scheduling systems
OptPro is not a canned, off-the-shelf system.

A solution for highly complex process scheduling needs, utilizing math programming, metaheuristics, and simulation to craft custom solutions
OptPro is not for companies that can conduct their scheduling activities using straight-forward rules such as FIFO, earliest due date, longest processing time, etc.

Who benefits from OptPro?

Companies looking to optimize and automate their plant design and production schedule
OptPro facilitates optimal strategic decision-making for design of new plants and/or expansions by simultaneously optimizing schedule and design.

Companies looking to optimize and automate operational processing decisions
OptPro enables optimal real-time, daily, weekly, monthly, etc., operational decision making in terms of equipment capacity, layout, resource planning, and process flows to meet forecasted customer demands.

Examples of Recent OptPro Uses

Multi-national insulation company
Developed custom solutions for:

Large food production plant
Optimized production processes with a custom intelligent sequencing and batching solution

Multi-national ecommerce company photo-book plant
Currently working with OptTek toward development of a custom solution for automating and optimizing production scheduling from order entry through shipment

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