State-of-the-art solution for solving complex production scheduling problems

Do you aspire to lower operating costs, reduce waste, and minimize changeovers and inventory, all while better serving your customers? Are your plant operations becoming too complex for one or two production schedulers to manage effectively? Does your organization rely on the use of complex, offline spreadsheets to schedule production? Optimized Production Scheduling (OPS) and OptPro may be the answer; it all starts with the right scheduling solution to increase throughput and optimally utilize your valuable assets.

What is OptPro?

OptPro is a sophisticated production scheduling solution developed to specifically address the complexities of scheduling manufacturing operations. While OptPro has a proven track record in the Food Industry, it is broadly applicable and has proven effective in other manufacturing environments. OptPro leverages OptTekā€™s simulation and optimization engine with a digital twin of your operation; it utilizes powerful algorithmic and analytical techniques to deliver not just good schedules, but truly optimal schedules. Utilize OptPro when worksheets or standard off the shelf software products prove inadequate. Developed by a team of PhD scientists and industrial engineers, OptPro fills a void that currently exists for companies with complex planning and/or operational process scheduling requirements.

Who benefits from OptPro?

OptPro Case Studies

E-Commerce Printing Operation

Improved on-time shipment of customer orders from an average of <75% to 90%+.

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Flour Milling Operation

Improved mix value by 5% resulting in $1.5M in savings per year per plant.

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Pipe Insulation Manufacturer

Realized a 9% increase in throughput and elimination of required overtime.

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Global Automobile Seat Manufacturer

Reduced monthly mold changes by 62%, with commensurate throughput increase, and reduced overtime.

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Large Oil and Gas Refinery Company - Routing Optimization

Achieved savings, related to refined products delivered to distribution facilities, of more than $2MM per month.

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Global Dairy and Plant-Based Food and Beverage Company

Estimates annual savings of over $16 million through the reduction in product waste and product shortages.

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