Additional Offerings

Additional OptQuest Offerings

Our proprietary software application that can be quickly connected to any simulation model to provide optimization and advanced analysis capabilities. It also offers a comprehensive user interface for running and viewing optimizations and analyses, and it provides 2-D and 3-D graphing tools. SimWrapper can be implemented in a matter of days, which makes it ideal for organizations that want to reap the benefits of optimization quickly and with minimal software development.

OptAnalysis is a statistical and data-mining analysis software library, built specifically for analyzing collections of simulation model runs. It offers a suite of tools to automate the discovery of highly influential input values, to identify and characterize multiple good and bad regions of the model tradespace and to classify the robustness of point solutions and regions. OptAnalysis takes your analysis capabilities to a whole new level.

An extension of our OptQuest software, OptFolio uses a unique set of algorithms and techniques to address portfolio selection problems. It enables users to include categories of projects, (strategic, tactical, mandatory, etc.), examine multiple types of resources, vary starting dates, deal with mutual exclusivity and dependencies and address risk and uncertainty.

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