The Benefits of OptQuest

Optimization improves your decision making

OptQuest adds the power of optimization to your simulations, using a truly unique set of advanced algorithms and analysis techniques to improve your decision making and give you the best, most reliable results. And we can fully automate the optimization and analysis of your simulations for maximum efficiency.

Ease of integration

Thanks to its unique design, OptQuest is easy to add to your simulation tool—and it doesn’t require you to alter your model to improve the process of running and analyzing simulations.

The more complex your model, the greater the savings

Highly complex simulation models present greater numbers of input values and competing objectives to be dealt with. OptQuest was designed specifically to determine the best possible outcomes when faced with high levels of complexity.

Protects you from losing crucial knowledge

When experienced analysts leave your organization, it can create an “expertise gap.” By automating the simulation optimization and analysis process, OptQuest helps protect you from the loss of valuable organizational experience and knowledge.

The Benefits of OptQuest

Adds the power of optimization to your simulation offer

Empowers organizations to ask “what’s best?” rather than “what if?”

Utilizes the most sophisticated search and predictive algorithmic techniques available

Twenty-plus year hardened software used extensively by the commercial and military/government sectors

Cross-vertical solution that works equally well in a variety of domain areas (financial, oil/gas, chemical/process flow, aviation, etc.)

Facilitates both optimal strategic and operational decision-making

Effective for highly complex logistics/scheduling applications

Available in multiple software versions and can be configured for desktop or web-based applications

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