Release Notes – Version 7.2.2 (June 2020)

Retrieve Additional Information When Running With Replications

OptQuest allows you to retrieve the replication values for a solution. Replication values are available for objectives, requirements and user-controlled variables.

When running with confidence settings, you can query the solution and retrieve the confidence width for an objective or requirement. You can also check if the solution met confidence for an objective or requirement.

Frontier Multi Objectives

There are method calls that are not valid for a COptQuestFrontierMultiObjective and with this release exceptions will be thrown if those methods are called.

A frontier will have multiple solutions on the frontier, and you get the list of solutions on the frontier by calling COptQuestOptimization.GetPatternFrontier(). There is not a single “best” solution for a frontier objective.

Confidence settings, confidence width and replication statistics are valid for sub-objectives of a frontier objective. They cannot be set on a frontier objective.

Deprecated Classes

We will be dropping support for COptQuestWeightedMultiObjective objects and the Rank and Select functionality. Classes and methods have been marked as deprecated in this release.

Bugs And Performance

A number of minor performance improvements and bug fixes are also included.

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