OptTek delivers simulation optimization software solutions designed to meet the technical and business requirements of both commercial and government organizations.

Using OptTek’s fully customizable software solutions, organizations operating with highly complex business processes subject to risk and uncertainty can significantly improve their decisions to maximize profitability.

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Project Portfolio Management

OptTek’s OptFolio technology gives organizations state-of-the-art optimization capabilities that can support and enhance their project investment decisions.

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Business Process Management

Simulation optimization capabilities can help organizations evaluate the impact of process changes and new processes in a model environment through the creation of “what-if” scenarios.

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Data Security

OptTek has developed advanced optimization technologies to address the challenges of confidentiality protection.

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Human Resource Planning

OptTek integrates the optimization technology developed with a simulation platform to deliver a total solution to analyze a variety of policy and program options capable of achieving workforce optimization and diversity planning goals.

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Strategic Planning

Our optimization technology encompasses a broad range of solutions for commercial and military organizations and is designed to be cost-effective and easy to deploy and use, while delivering six sigma quality.

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OptTek is on a team of companies led by Lockheed Martin that was awarded a 10-year, $213 million contract by the U.S. Strategic Command to remodel and enhance their mission planning and execution system. OptTek is responsible for designing and delivering the optimization capabilities integrated into the simulation-optimization and effects-based solutions. OptTek is also responsible for creating additional stand-alone optimization capabilities for ISPAN Strategic Planning.

OptTek is working with the Navy Personnel Research, Studies, and Technology Laboratory to develop new optimization technolgies to support and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Navy human resource functions and processes.

Health & Human Services

OptTek has worked with the Department of Health and Human Services through its Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support the creation of new algorithms and software for data security applications. OptTek has been awarded several contracts to develop new methods and enabling software for protecting and managing tabular data.


Leveraging on the knowledge and experience of our staff and the reputation of our software products, OptTek offers customized optimization solutions tailored to the needs of your organization.

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