Strategic Planning

Encompassing a broad range of applications, our software and services are designed to support ease of use, six sigma quality, rapid deployment, and cost effective requirements.

OptTek provides and develops optimization software and services for strategic planning. Encompassing a broad range of applications including capital allocation for strengthening business processes, financial investments for enriching portfolios, human resource decisions for diversity planning, and network- centric planning for accelerating global military strike and response capabilities, our software and services are designed to support ease of use, six sigma quality, rapid deployment, and cost effective requirements.

OptTek’s showcase project for strategic planning is with the US Strategic Command’s Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network (ISPAN) Program. OptTek Systems, Inc. is on a team of companies led by Lockheed Martin that was awarded a 10-year, $213 million contract by The U.S. Strategic Command to remodel and enhance their mission planning and execution system. ISPAN will support the full spectrum of USSTRATCOM’s new responsibilities for global strike, missile defense and information operations, in addition to their traditional role of nuclear deterrence. OptTek is responsible for designing and delivering the optimization capabilities integrated into the simulation-optimization and effects-based solutions. OptTek is also responsible for creating additional stand-alone optimization capabilities for ISPAN.

The mission of USSTRATCOM is to establish and provide full-spectrum global strike, coordinated space and information operations capabilities to meet both deterrent and decisive national security objectives, and to provide operational space support, integrated missile defense, Global Command Control Communications and Computers Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), and specialized planning expertise to the joint warfighter. To enable these missions, the Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network (ISPAN) must be capable of both deliberate and adaptive planning employing the full spectrum of kinetic and non-kinetic weapons. The planning system will continue to evolve as weapon systems are matured, new systems are developed, and the threat changes, particularly in the area of worldwide proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

“ISPAN will allow USSTRATCOM to collaboratively plan its new, growing missions through an integrated, flexible command and control system. The system will enable them to reach out to systems, sensors and forces world wide to plan for time-critical strikes, computer network operations, space operations and global integrated missile defense,” said Leroy Jeter, director of USSTRATCOM programs for Lockheed Martin. “We’re extremely pleased to be supporting the Command on this transformational effort.”

ISPAN will facilitate USSTRATCOM, its Joint Force Component commanders and other key commands throughout the world to respond to worldwide situations more rapidly and with a greater understanding of the consequences of U.S. action. For any threat, the system provides the tools to develop response alternatives and provides estimates of success probability. It also estimates potential collateral damage, required resources and assets, and time frame for execution completion.