Government Solutions

Serving the specialized needs of the U.S. government and military

Our Government Solutions business unit serves the specialized needs of U.S. governmental agencies and the military with world-class optimization and analysis capabilities.

We enable these organizations to identify the best possible outcomes for their complex challenges and systems—especially in cases where real-world testing is not an option. We also conduct state-of-the-art analytical and statistical work to solve complex problems for these organizations.

For government and military clients that utilize simulation tools, our OptDef software adds powerful optimization and analysis capabilities, guiding clients through the process of running simulations, adjusting input values and analyzing the outcomes, all with maximum efficiency and reliability.

The custom R&D projects we conduct for our government clients typically involve complex systems, challenges and problems that require our unique mix of problem-solving, analytical and statistical expertise.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions or request a demonstration of our software, please contact us.

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