The world’s leading simulation optimization engine

OptQuest is our proprietary simulation optimization engine, built on a truly unique set of powerful algorithms and sophisticated analysis techniques including metaheuristics optimization, evolutionary algorithms, tabu search and scatter search, to name a few. As a result, OptQuest enables users to shift from a “What if?” approach to a “What’s best?” approach.

Through the power of optimization, OptQuest

Delivers the best possible answers—faster
OptQuest searches, adjusts and analyzes input values and identifies the best possible outcomes with unparalleled efficiency, thanks to its built-in algorithms and analysis techniques.

Handles competing objectives with ease
Most complex models and challenges present you with competing objectives. OptQuest balances and analyzes these competing objectives, identifies the associated trade-offs, selects the best input values, and determines the best possible outcomes.

Automates the entire simulation, optimization and analysis process
Once OptQuest is integrated into your simulation tool, it runs the most efficient set of simulation scenarios to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Flexible deployment options
OptQuest is available as a Java .jar, a C# .dll, or through Python or COM interfaces.

OptQuest is used by:

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