White Papers

These white papers provide an array of information and case examples regarding OptTek’s optimization engine, OptQuest. The papers contained herein were written by experts in the field of simulation optimization and range from academic to very practical in nature. Simply select those you are interested in reading and contact OptTek should you wish to gain further insights and expertise in the area of simulation optimization.


Pandemic: Decision Support for a Novel Program and Its Challenges

The sudden emergence of the coronavirus global pandemic has created a novel challenge for Colorado’s decision makers.

Closing down our economy too much comes with severe economic repercussions, while opening up too much allows the virus to get a foothold. When policy makers face such high-stakes tradeoffs, they need a mathematical and scientific approach to help decide the optimal course of action.

Optimizing AI/ML Hyperparameters with SimWrapper and OptQuest

Download our report to see how SimWrapper and OptQuest can be used to optimally tune hyperparameters for your AI/ML models.

Tabu Search

Tabu Search, also called Adaptive Memory Programming, is a method for solving challenging optimization problems in the fields of business, engineering, economics and science.  Tabu search has emerged as one of the leading technologies for handling real-world problems that have proved difficult or impossible to solve with classical procedures.

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Recent Updates

New Python Interface for OptQuest

OptTek Systems announces the release of a new Python interface for its world class OptQuest simulation optimization library. Use the power of OptQuest directly in your Python applications.

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Machine Learning Hyperparameter Tuning with SimWrapper

An example of how SimWrapper and OptQuest can be used to optimally tune hyperparameters for your AI/ML models.


Optimize your Python Model with SimWrapper

See how easy it is to use SimWrapper to tune hyperparameters, make portfolio selections, or optimize other parameters in your Python model.

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Seeing is Believing

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