Optimization in Supply Chain Planning and Management

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Utilizing Innovative Optimization Methodologies to Solve Complex Supply Chain Problems

The latest advancements in integrating optimization technology with evaluation techniques that model the complex supply chain environment have contributed to enabling improved and more focused decisions by the diverse set of managers involved in extracting the most value from the supply chain. Expected benefits from these improved decisions include: increased throughput, reduced inventories, lower supply chain costs, increased return on assets, greater customer satisfaction, and reduced lead times. OptTek Systems, Inc., a leading software and consulting services firm, offers state-of-the-art optimization solutions to address the most complex supply chain business problems.

This paper begins with a discussion of recent advances in the area of integrating optimization technology and evaluation techniques to model complex supply chain environments and the resulting benefits. Next, the OptTek Systems approach is presented as an extremely effective means to address and solve supply chain scheduling problems. The paper concludes with a specific business example in the purchasing realm and a depiction of the improved results after employing OptTek’s optimization methodologies.

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