Pandemic: Decision Support for a Novel Problem and its Challenges

Download our white paper to learn how OptTek’s world class optimization approach can help public health officials better manage the response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

A Scientific Decision Support for Policy Makers Facing a Crisis

Policy makers face hard decisions with competing objectives. We show how OptQuest can be used in conjunction with your models to be a valuable tool to support decision making in a transparent and scientifically defensible way.

In this white paper, we show how we augment the official State of Colorado COVID-19 model to help forecast how policies (like a stay-at-home order) affect both the public health and economic outcomes across the state. We then use our world-class optimization algorithms to devise an optimal set of policies that balance the health and safety of our citizens as well as keeping the economy open and functioning. Our scientific, defensible approach removes human bias and emotion from these decisions and optimizes on measurable outcomes that help the state make clear decisions.

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